Interested in one of those 100%silk newborn hats by Tomsgrossmami? They are perfect for spring, summer and autumn!

Each hat costs CHF50, EUR46, GBP38, JPY6,700, USD60, AUD70 or CAD plus Shipping “Switzerland” CHF2, “EU” CHF7 or “Non EU” CHF9.5.

Free Shipping until end of March 2014.

Send me convo tomsgrossmami at tomsgrossmami(at)gmx(punkt)ch Subject: Newborn hat 100%Silk. For other sizes and products by tomsgrossmami visit tomsgrossmamis shop on etsy or luulla or ask via e-mail.

Do you want to have the hat send directly to the baby? Send me the babies address and some kind words you want the new parents to read via e-mail. After payment is received, I send your hat directly to the address given with a nice letter containing your words.

Happy warmer weather! Happy spring!



Äs schneielet, äs beielet,

äs gaht än chüele Wind,

es früüred alli Vögeli

und alli arme Chind


Äs schneielet, äs beielet,

es gaht en chüälä Wind,

d Maitli legged d Händschä a,

und d Buebe laufed gschwind.


Äs schneielet, äs beielet,

es gaht en chüele Wind,

es flüged wyssi Vögeli

uf s Chäppli jedem Chind.





not harmful to the environment : I use only eco-friendly products.

– New Oxford American Dictionary –


Hat |hat|
shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.• used to refer to a particular role or occupation of someone who has more than one : wearing her scientific hat, she is director of a pharmacology research group.
hat in hand used to indicate an attitude of humility : standing on the stoop of his ex-wife’s house, hat in hand.
keep something under one’s hat keep something a secret.
pass the hat collect contributions of money from a number of people for a specific purpose.
pick something out of a hat select something, esp. the winner of a contest, at random.
take one’s hat off to (or hats off to) used to state one’s admiration for (someone who has done something praiseworthy) : I take my hat off to anyone who makes it work
hats off to emergency services for prompt work in the wake of the storms.
talk through one’s hat see talk .
throw one’s hat in (or into) the ring express willingness to take up a challenge, esp. to enter a political race.
hatful |-ˌfoŏl| noun ( pl. -fuls.)
hatted adjective : [in combination ] a white-hatted cowboy.
ORIGIN Old English hætt, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse hҩttr ‘hood,’ also to hood.

—New Oxford American Dictionary


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